Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Deadly Tornado Outbreak 2012

March 2nd, 2012
During the afternoon and evening of March 2nd, 2012 nine tornadoes touched down in the WKRC-TV viewing area.  Tornadoes are rated using the EF scale or the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

  Of the nine tornadoes that touched down, there were two EF's, two EF1's, two EF2's, two EF3's, and 1 EF4 tornadoes.  EF3's, EF4's, and EF5's only make up 5% of all tornadoes that occur.  The three strongest tornadoes hit Holton IN, Piner/Crittenden KY, and Peach Grove KY/Moscow OH. 

Above is what the National Weather Service radar from Wilmington Ohio during the afternoon and evening of March 2nd, 2012.  Tornadic supercell developed across southern Indiana and then moved at 60mph into Northern Kentucky.  These supercells were alive for over 200 miles.  The thunderstorm which created the Holton Indiana tornado spawned a tornado and dissipated shortly thereafter.  Let's look at these three tornadoes, one by one.

The Holton Indiana Tornado EF3
-Time of Initial Touchdown 3:53pm
-Point of Initial Touchdown 1/2 mile SW of Holton
-On the Ground for 9 miles
-Path Width 350 Yards
-Winds 145 mph
-6 Injuries, 2 Fatalities

           Click Image for Tornado Path                                      
   Click Image for Reflectivity                                         Click image for Velocity

The Piner/Crittenden Kentucky Tornado EF4
-Time of Initial Touchdown 4:30pm
-Point of Initial Touchdown I-75 Near Crittenden
-On the Ground for 10 miles
-Path Width 1/2 mile
-Winds 175 mph
-8 Injuries, 4 Fatalities

            Click Image for Tornado Path

Click Image for Reflectivity                                    Click Image for Velocity

This is video shot by Matthew Pickett on I-75 near Crittenden, Kentucky

The Peach Grove KY/Moscow OH Tornado EF3
-Time of Initial Touchdown 4:40pm
-Point of Initial Touchdown Near Peach Grove KY
-On the Ground for 23 miles
-Path Width 1/4 mile
-Winds 160 mph
-3 Fatalities

              Click Image for Tornado Patch

  Click Image for Reflectivity                                            Click Image for Velocity

My Sincere thanks to the National Weather Service in Wilmington Ohio for providing the track maps and radar images.  Below are the Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado Warnings issued on March 2nd, 2012.

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