Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Help Cincinnati Help Cincinnati

  Cincinnati Arkansas was hit by an EF3 tornado on New Year's Eve day just after 6am in the morning.  The tornado exhibited winds of 140 mph.  It destroyed 14 homes, injured 7 and has taken a total of 4 lives. 

(Pictures From News 5 Fort Smith/Fayetteville)

  Cincinnati Arkansas has a population of about 100.  The destruction is everywhere in this small town including the volunteer fire department. 

"Help Cincinnati Help Cincinnati" is an initiative in Cincinnati Ohio to help those in Cincinnati Arkansas.  As of 7PM Friday, January 7th Cincinnatians have donated $20,019 which will be given directly to the Northwest Arkansas chapter of the American Red Cross to help those in need living in Cincinnati Arkansas.  You can still help by visiting Cincinnatiredcross.org and clicking on the Cincinnati Arkansas Tornado Relief icon.   My sincere thanks to all of you that have donated to "Help Cincinnat Help Cincinnati".

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