Friday, September 17, 2010

Is blogging for me?

   I am not so sure that blogging is for me...  The word "blogging" has never appealed to me.  The word seems sluggish, uninspiring, and caloric.  That's right..."blog" seems like it should be high in calories.  If I "blog" too much will I get fat?  If I blog too much will my thoughts become uninspired.  Will I start moving slower and become lethargic. 

  When I think of a "blogger" I never think of a fast runner.  I never think of an inspirational speaker.  I think of slow and boring catapillars.  So I will consider this "blogging" thing carefully.  Until I reach my decision, enjoy your weekend and ponder the Cincinnati 7-Day Forecast.


  1. I think you'd be a scream to read. Informative with your sense of humor shining through. Just Do it!

    If you no like, you just Don't Do it!


  2. Tim, don't you know Cincy hangs on your every word regarding the weather??? Winter's away!